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Reaching Consumers at Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

reaching consumers at every stage of the buyers journey

Nowadays people do essential research before doing any purchase. To achieve prospect customers, sellers need to keep updated information from the perspective of customers mind in place; since, displaying different content at every stage of buyer’s journey is necessary.

Stages of the Buyer’s Journey

In order to distinguish yourself from competition, you’ll need to know the strategies to use. Thus, a typical buyer’s journey is broken down into these 3 major stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision

Awareness Stage Tactics

At this first stage, buyers figure out that they are having a problem and so, they begin to research more about that problem. They use their resources to validate or better explain what their problem is. Following are some tactics to increase awareness among buyers.


Paid Ads: This form of advertising helps sellers reach a vast audience through platforms such as Google. So, using the correct keywords will definitely help them gain more views which means that people will become more aware.

SEO: After keyword research is done, start optimizing your website for those keywords which helps SEO agencies to get ranked on the first page of Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Lead Magnets: After SEO is implemented, it is important to have something valuable to keep buyers around. Therefore, eBooks and High level blogs are the best ways of content for this stage.


Consideration Stage Tactics

The consideration stage focuses on further research of the problem to find the solution to it.

Paid Ads + SEO: After considering this in the awareness stage, now it’s time to start showing your product and how you can give a solution to the buyer’s problem. Furthermore, built-out more target keywords.

Remarketing: At this point, strategies will begin to contrast from the awareness stage. Now when the attention of the target market is gained, so now is the time to create such content that delivers and enables sellers gain customer retention.

Marketing Automation: Through the use of marketing automation tools, will help you track and monitor the pages most frequently viewed on your website and the download rate. So, at this stage of the journey, it will be beneficial to share videos, webinars, podcasts and comparison white papers through email campaigns.


Decision Stage Tactics

After the buyer is done with research and solutions to its problems, now they start comparing those solutions to form a final decision. Also, the focus will be on the needs of the buyer during the decision stage.

Content: All through the majority of your endeavors in changing over the leads into clients, you’ll need to utilize the correct types of content through the decision stage.

SEO: Finding the finest keywords for the decision stage through detailed research and create content pieces for your site with CTAs for a demo.

Remarketing: Like the previous stages, creating ads for trials, demos, or discounts aiming to gain customer retention.

Marketing Automation: When delivering nurturing emails at this point of the funnel, it’s best to target your buyers on the basis of lead scoring and how your leads connect with your website, emails, ads, and content. Typically, this step emphasizes to offer a demo or a sales call to explain the later steps.